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Re: jffs on non-MTD device?

Padraig@xxxxxxx.com said:
> Some (most?) CF disks have hareware wareleveling. I use ext2 with
> e2compr patch.

There are some who want a journalling filesystem on their CF device. 
Did anyone do e3compr yet? :)

Personally, I wouldn't bother with it - these things have a form of
pseudo-filesystem, probably similar to FTL or NFTL, implemented internally
to emulate a block device, and it's been reported that they don't do that
particularly well - they break down and lose data if you put them through
the kind of repeated power cycle tests that JFFS and JFFS2 have been
subjected to. A journalling filesystem on an unreliable medium is sort of 

Far better to use a real flash device. But maybe I'm biased :)


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