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ANNOUNCE: Embedded Linux Works

Hello folks,

Some weekend reading for you.


I've thrown together some (hopefully useful) info on a web site. See below 
for details.

I hope this site can become a community site for embedded Linux 
development. There are no
banners or ads and it's not associated with any vendor. As a matter of 
fact, it really is just
some useful stuff that I put together, in my free midnight to 3 am slot in 
my life, and mixed with
a GPL web board and mailing lists.

Available at this time are the following:

ROLO- Boot your embedded x86 Linux box from FLASH- without a BIOS !.

The Great Embedded (Power Fail Safe) Database Project. (Your input is 
needed on this one)

The Great Embedded Linux Benchmarking Project. (your input is needed on 
this one).

JFFS, A Practical Guide.

MTD/JFFS/JFFS2 HOWTO and FAQ. updated, May 1st 2001. (easy access local 
copy on web. Latest always in CVS)

Also on the site, under the Mailing Lists nav bar link are two mailing lists.

1. A low traffic, announce type list.
Primarily meant to keep you in the loop as to what's up on the site

2. A development/discussion list.
Everything and anything pertaining to issues with embedded Linux may be 
discussed here.
Any details on any of the ongoing (site) projects may be discussed here. 
Please subscribe
to this one if you wish to participate in any of the above (two) active 

You can access the subscription page directly at:

Also available is my power fail  test program, "checkfs", NOW UNDER GPL! A 
few folks had
privately requested this program and I was unable to supply it earlier as 
it was developed with
my (day job) employer's resources. They have now agreed to let me release 
it under GPL.

*Your help is required*. This site will only work if, at the very least, 
folks participate in discussions
and voice opinions. If you don't have time at the moment to volunteer to 
help- that's ok. I'm not
giving up my day job either.

I would like this site to be that I wished was available when I started 
embedding Linux into my projects.
I wanted to know the reliability of file systems under power fail 
conditions. There was no such info out there
(that I knew about at least). This info is now available on this site for 
others to use. I wanted to boot the
standard Linux kernel from ROM. No guide was available to me. There is one 
now (and thanks to
Robert Kaiser for the ROLO program and proof checking my guide. Also thanks 
to David Woodhouse
for checking my JFFS guide and giving me useful feed back).

I would also like contributions from folks that have encountered issues and 
have managed to solve them
in their own embedded designs. Collectively, I'm sure we have encountered 
(and solved) most issues laying in wait
to trap new (embedded Linux) users. Let's share this info. Time to give 
back to the community!

Thanks for reading. Comments etc. most welcome.



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