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Re: ANNOUNCE: Embedded Linux Works

> > 2. A development/discussion list.
> > Everything and anything pertaining to issues with embedded Linux may be
> > discussed here.
> > Any details on any of the ongoing (site) projects may be discussed here.
>Isn't this a duplication of the following:

A quick glance at the above list seems to indicate that it is a "list" 
only. My list is supposed to be a list for the projects going on at the 
www.embeddedLinuxWorks.com site. (In other words, it is the development 
list *for the site*).

Namely, at this time there are two "open" projects:

1. The Great (power fail safe) embedded Linux database &
2. The Great embedded Linux benchmarking project.

(BTW, both projects at this time require input from folks. People, please 
read the description under the appropriate headers and respond (on the 
site) if these are important to you and you would like to provide feedback. 
If you think that alternative solutions are already available, pointers 
would be gladly acknowledged as it may save me a boatload of time and effort.)

I wouldn't want to pollute some one else's list with projects that (may) 
only be important to me.
Heck. I may be the only subscriber to my own list ;) (Well, If I coax my 
wife, maybe she'll sign up too :)


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