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Re: Major JFFS2 bug (?)

vipin.malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  A little background:
> Each file that I store on the fs (the the checkfs program stores), has
> the following structure:

> <int>    /* (= long), How many ints (longs) of random data follow. Not
> counting the end short for CRC */ 
> <random amount of ints from 10 to MAX>    /* MAX is specified on the cmd
> line of the program and was specified to be such that max file size < 
> 4000bytes*/ 
> <(short) CRC>

> During the check, the program was expecting to read in an additional
> 448 bytes of data as dictated by the first INT in the file. This data
> was not there. This was the file that was being written to when power
> failed (as shown by the console log that I was recording that kept
> trace of all activity of creating and checking files on the system).

> The file in question is called "/mnt/flash/file60"

I'm confused. This file was being written when power was lost. Why do you 
expect it to be the whole 448 bytes long? Were you overwriting it and it 
was already 448 bytes long, or had you completed the write and written 
something to a separate index file, or what?


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