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Re: Major JFFS2 bug (?)

David Woodhouse wrote:

> I'm confused. This file was being written when power was lost. Why do you
> expect it to be the whole 448 bytes long? Were you overwriting it and it
> was already 448 bytes long, or had you completed the write and written
> something to a separate index file, or what?

Because, the entire write was done in a single "write()".
If the first int got written that told me "x" ints follow, then those
_should_ follow too.
The the new write() did not get complete, then the older file should have
been there as it, with all its data- including the first int- now correctly
telling my program how many ints to read- from the old file.

In other words the write() to the JFFS2 fs is not power fail


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