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Re: What on Earth is JFFS2 GC doing?

David Woodhouse wrote:

> vipin.malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
> >  No. _One_ of the things it does in the 18 seconds is erase that
> > sector. I have no idea where the rest of the time is spent.
> But it only erases one sector. Whatever else it's doing, it's not erasing
> any other sectors, right? (As one might expect it to if it's GC'ing lots.)

Yes. It only erases 1 sector in that time.

The debugging output of JFFS2 during those 18 seconds, preferably annotated

> so I can see exactly which bit corresponds to those 18 seconds. I'd quite
> like to know what it _thought_ it was doing :)

I guess that I can manually do a echo "9" to the /proc/sys/kerne;/printk to
turn debugging on at that time- or do you want it on since the beginning. That
will be a huge file.
It already takes me about a whole day to get the file system filled up to
capacity- where it misbehaves.


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