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Re: What on Earth is JFFS2 GC doing?

David Woodhouse wrote:

> vipin.malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
> >  I didn't do this test, as jitter times had gone back down without
> > even a reboot (but I can if you want me to).
> Please. It's the output of df(1) that I'm interested in. I've had reports
> of it no going back down after files are deleted, until a reboot.

#rm -rf /mnt/jffs1/* (it's really a JFFS2 fs).
/dev/mtdblock1            8192      1880      6312  23% /mnt/jffs1

<reboot and remount JFFS2 partition>

/dev/mtdblock1            8192      1284      6908  16% /mnt/jffs1

> That could be explained by programs still having the deleted files open,
> though.

There are no other programs that were using any files on the JFFS2 fs. It is
NOT the root fs in this test.


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