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Re: Major JFFS2 bug (?)

change the loop in checkfs.c at the end of main to be:

  char *filetemp = "filetemp";

  /*create the filename in sequence*/

Vipin Malik wrote:
> Tim Riker wrote:
> > Have you tried a similar test that does
> >
> > write n bytes data to tempfile
> > mv tempfile to old filename
> >
> > over and over to multiple files? In this case after a reboot the
> > filename files should alway either contain all the new or all the old
> > bytes. Note that after reboot you may have to delete tempfile if that
> > exists.
> No, I have not tried that. I guess I could setup this test. Maybe you could mod
> my checkfs program to do this and I'll run the test on my setup.
> Vipin
> The checkfs program is available under the Links/Resources section at:
> http://www.embeddedLinuxWorks.com

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