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Re: Major JFFS2 bug (?)

vipin@xxxxxxx.com said:
> Did you read about the transactions in the above pdf? I did not see
> any  reference to it.

> Or did you come across it while perusing the code? 

I actually noticed that they'd added two fields to the jffs_raw_inode 
structure which deal with this. But see also the bit about "Power Loss 
Recovery" on page 193.

They're also distributing JFFS in a separate RPM from the kernel, which
claims 'License: LynuxWorks', as if to imply that it's their own code. I'll
be watching very closely to see if LynxOS starts to support the 'BlueCat

> P.S. Did you see the jitter jpg graph comparing JFFS2 performance
> before/after patches? 

I saw it. Nothing intelligent to say atm. I'll rethink the GC triggering 
stuff and have another go.

What's the GC thread doing during your tests? If you leave 30 seconds 
between each write, does the GC thread make space for you in that time?


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