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Re: Cosmetic JFFS patch.


Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2001 00:16 schrieb Linus Torvalds:
> I don't _have_ any instances of my name being printed out to annoy the
> user, so that's a very theoretical argument.

Err.... Just nitpicking...

dreker@wintermute:~> dmesg | grep -C Linus
hub.c: 2 ports detected
uhci.c:  Linus Torvalds, Johannes Erdfelt, Randy Dunlap, Georg Acher, Deti 
Fliegl, Thomas Sailer, Roman Weissgaerber

dreker@wintermute:~> uname -a
Linux wintermute 2.4.5-ac15 #1 Son Jun 17 12:44:01 CEST 2001 i686 unknown

> This is my current patch in my tree. I refuse to have bickering in
> printk's. You can edit the comment all you want.
> 		Linus

Patrick Dreker

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