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Re: jffs2 with kernel 2.2.12?

Barbara Prusiewicz wrote:

> I'm just getting started with jffs2 and my current kernel is based on 2.2.12.
> In the jffs howto, I saw that I could go with 2.2.17/18 and add the patch and
> then install the jffs files.

Actually, if you don't have the MTD stuff working, I suggest going to the 2.4.x
version where
modules work, get your MTD drivers going for the (flash) chip you are using, setup
the partitions are you want
and then migrate to the 2.2.x version if you really have to.

Trying to get MTD working w/o modules will be a royal pain and I could not
get MTD to work as modules under the 2.2.x kernels. If you do manage, pl
drop me a line with details and I'll update my howto.

> At this time, I'm a little hesitant to try to
> update to 2.2.17/18.

Any particular reason?

>    Assuming I can apply the patch to my kernel source, does
> anyone know if there is anything else between 2.2.12 & 2.2.17 that I will need
> for jffs or mtd?   For example, does 2.2.12 have all the right fs code?

The biggest hurdle will be the patch. Actually, just skip the patch and go the
utils/patchin.sh route. You will still have to manually edit the fs/Makefile file
to include support for JFFS/JFFS2.

Best of Luck.


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