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Re: Problems with JFFS2/MTD upgrade to latest in CVS.

On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:

> vipin.malik@xxxxxxx.com said:
> > > > jffs2_scan_empty(): Empty block at 0x00000000 ends at 0x00000000 (with 0x00031985)! Marking dirty
> > > Does reverting to an older version of scan.c fix this?
> > >         cvs up -r 1.46 scan.c
> > Yes!
> Nicolas - should I just revert to 1.46? Is there anything in 1.48 you'd
> like to (fix and) keep?

Well... What's the problem already?  I fear I didn't follow the conversation
closely enough lately.


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