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Re: jffs2 with kernel 2.2.12?

barbara_p1@xxxxxxx.COM said:
>  If I compare the jffs patchin.sh with my kernel, my code contains
> equivalent changes for much of the patch.   One exception is modules.c
> - though I have some changes related in incrementing/decrementing
> usage count, I do not seem to have similar code for the complete
> MOD_INITIALIZING and backport inter_module_xxx from 2.4 changes.   If
> you want more details on all of this, I can provide.

The inter_module_xxx crap is a complete abortion - a perfectly sane 
interface removed and replaced with something less useful, without even any 
sensible changeover period. You'll want to grab the appropriate changes 
from the 2.2.18(?) patch. 

> Meanwhile, I'm going to try to move to the current mtd and then jffs2.
>   One concern I still have is that 2.2.12 does not seem to have
> everything required for jffs2 - examples: generic_read_dir(), setattr
> in inode_operations, init_special_inode(), etc.  Version 2.2.18 also
> doesn't seem to resolve many of these problems.    Am I missing
> something?  Do I really need 2.4? 

JFFS2 won't work in 2.2 without some porting.


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