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RE: Cosmetic JFFS patch.

> Leave the copyright messages alone is all I can say. And as to your flag,
> well we've got one. Try the 'quiet' boot option
YOU> Leaving copyright messages also saves the purpose of motivating - not
all but
YOU> many - developers.  People who _see_ the printk copyright messages is a
YOU> large superset of people who _look_ at source code, or ChangeLog /
YOU> After all many copyright messages are not that annoying.

Suggestion: make the buffer-size for these messages configurable at make
config -time.
So; people can define wether they want the message or not. If size=0, the
could be replaced with
#define printk(x)  /*nothing*/
Nice for the embedded linux-system people.


Folkert van Heusden
[ www.vanheusden.com ]

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