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Re: On the "safe filesystem" and write() topic

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Clive SIMMENS wrote:
> Not so with NAND flash. Toshiba data sheet show maximum time for 
> block erase 4mS.
> This plus the small block/sector size for NAND devices, typically 16Kbytes mean these
> devices are far more suitable for embedded work. 

That makes them good for some cases and worse for others (cannot
memory-map them to boot with, sectors are unreliable, have a limited
number of writes per erase cycle etc)

I think the manufacturers of NOR-flash and NAND-flash should get their
acts together :)

There ARE NOR-flash available with erase-sectors as small as 2kbyte I
think, I dont know if they are faster with erase per byte though.

Possibly devices could use a small NOR-flash to boot a kernel from and use
NAND-flashes for the actual filesystems.. still, a lot of designers seem
to prefer putting a single chip of NOR in the system (cost probably) and
then we get these problems anyway..


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