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overhead with jffs v1


I am using jffs as root fs for my custom board. The kernel is
2.4.2 with jffs v1.0.  I created a mtd partition with size of
0x6c0000 and erasesize 0x20000, on which to mount a jffs image.
The jffs image is created using mkfs.jffs with a erasesize of
128k. The resulting jffs image is about ~6119k.

The root fs is mounted correctly and everything works fine. But
when I do df, I got the following:

Filesystem          1k-blocks   Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                6656   6252       404  94% /

(where /dev/root is a synbolic link to the mtd partition)

The totol number of 1k-blocks of 6656 is less than the mtd 
partition of 6912k. Where does the rest of the 256K goes? Are they
used by GC? Is there a way to calculate and cut down this overhead?


- Yi Zheng


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