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Re: 20 empty blocks, 0k free

At 11:33 PM 7/24/2001 -0600, Tim Riker wrote:

>I erased the initrd partition by writing 0xff to it as blob does not yet
>have erase code.

Am I reading what I am- that you are erasing a sector by writing 0xFF to 
all the locations in the flash as your code does not support the sector (or 
flash) erase command?

You cannot do this. Flash is NOT RAM. The only way to change a '0' bit to a 
'1' bit in _ANY_ location is by erasing the entire sector where the 
location resides.

You may change a '1' bit to a '0' bit in any word in the flash by writing 
an appropriate word to that location with a '0' in that bit location.

>but a kill -CONT 8 does not seem to affect it.

Well, what did you expect to see? I've noticed in the past that if I issue 
of pair of SIGSTOP/SIGCONT's to the GC task I can reliably wake it up- but 
if there are not many things to erase on the device, the gc task will print 
out a bunch of stuff on the console (if level 1 is enabled) complaining 
that it was woken up but : "where have all the erase blocks gone"?

This message is nothing to worry about as it goes away as soon as there is 
some garbage to collect.


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