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Re: 20 empty blocks, 0k free

Vipin Malik wrote:

> You cannot do this. Flash is NOT RAM. The only way to change a '0' bit to a
> '1' bit in _ANY_ location is by erasing the entire sector where the
> location resides.

This statement is not correct.  Not all flash parts require an erasure
writting a location that was previously written.  For example, the
AtMel JEDEC parts will perform the erase of the sector (64 byte sector
I think) by writing a byte to a single location within the sector. It is
up to
the writter to restore and data erased by the write.

I do agree that MOST flash parts require erasing the entire sector
writting to the sector.

Stephen Brasher
Sr Development Engineer

Cirilium Corp.
1615 S. 52nd St. 
Tempe, AZ 85821

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