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Re: 20 empty blocks, 0k free

I should have explained this better.

blob does erase sectors prior to writing data. It just does not have a
separate erase command. So to erase the partition before writing the
jffs2 image, I wrote a full size image of nothing but 0xff. This forces
blob to erase everything and effectively to write nothing to it.

Oh, I also did not mention the version of code. I'm running kernel
version linux-2.4.6-rmk2-np1-tux1 which is linux-2.4.6-rmk2-np1 plus a
minor arch patch in 


Any thoughts as to why the FS shows 0 free?

Vipin Malik wrote:
> At 11:33 PM 7/24/2001 -0600, Tim Riker wrote:
> >I erased the initrd partition by writing 0xff to it as blob does not yet
> >have erase code.
> Am I reading what I am- that you are erasing a sector by writing 0xFF to
> all the locations in the flash as your code does not support the sector (or
> flash) erase command?
> You cannot do this. Flash is NOT RAM. The only way to change a '0' bit to a
> '1' bit in _ANY_ location is by erasing the entire sector where the
> location resides.
> You may change a '1' bit to a '0' bit in any word in the flash by writing
> an appropriate word to that location with a '0' in that bit location.
> >but a kill -CONT 8 does not seem to affect it.
> Well, what did you expect to see? I've noticed in the past that if I issue
> of pair of SIGSTOP/SIGCONT's to the GC task I can reliably wake it up- but
> if there are not many things to erase on the device, the gc task will print
> out a bunch of stuff on the console (if level 1 is enabled) complaining
> that it was woken up but : "where have all the erase blocks gone"?
> This message is nothing to worry about as it goes away as soon as there is
> some garbage to collect.
> Vipin

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