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Re: jffs boot

On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, doron wrote:

> boot with ramdisk.ks
> mount to /mnt/mtdblock2

> bat I don't understand how to reboot from the jffs2 directly.

You want to boot with JFFS2 as your root filesystem instead of the 
ramdisk? You should be able to just put 'root=/dev/mtdblock2' on the 
kernel's command line (using RedBoot's 'exec' command).

You do need to check that you have mtdblock listed in the root_dev_names 
array in init/main.c - I assume that the -rmk2-np1 kernel will have it, 
although Linus has repeatedly ignored the patch and it's still not in the 
real 2.4.7. 


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