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Re: [PATCH] Block Devices support for JFFS2

On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, [iso-8859-1] willy tarreau wrote:

> > I'm happier with having that functionality provided
> > outside the JFFS2 code.
> I understand, but in my case, MTD is not needed
> anymore for JFFS2 to work (I have disabled MTD support
> on my firewall).

The mtdcore code is tiny. 

   text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
   2259	     36	     96	   2391	    957	mtdcore.o

> > Perhaps we could make the JFFS2 code set up
> > the blkmtd driver automatically if necessary,
> > while still keeping the guts of the MTD device
> > emulation stuff in the separate driver?
> although we could, this would need MTD support while
> in my case it becomes like any standard FS.

Making it appear to mount like any standard FS is useful - either by 
having a special case to set up the blkmtd driver, or by doing it in 
mount(8) like we do for the loopback block device. I'd rather not have the 
whole of the necessary emulation code in JFFS2 itself though.

> > Where did the 'parse_options' code come from? If it's from another
> > Linux filesystem I'm going to need to rewrite it - JFFS2 is dual
> > licensed, and that unfortunately means I can't import GPL'd code.
> don't worry about that, I wrote it myself from scratch, because I
> don't like other parsers which use strtok or other things. I give it
> for free ; you can use it where you want as long as you don't prevent
> me from using it ;-)

Cool, thanks.


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