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Re: [PATCH] Block Devices support for JFFS2

> Some of it seems to be duplicating the 'blkmtd'
> driver which Simon wrote, which provides a similar
> functionality to your blockdev.c - an MTD device
> backed by block device storage.

Argh!! I was looking for this before, and since I
couldn't find anything about it, I wrote the patch...

> I'm happier with having that functionality provided
> outside the JFFS2 code.

I understand, but in my case, MTD is not needed
anymore for JFFS2 to work (I have disabled MTD support
on my firewall).

> Perhaps we could make the JFFS2 code set up
> the blkmtd driver automatically if necessary,
> while still keeping the guts of the MTD device
> emulation stuff in the separate driver?

although we could, this would need MTD support while
in my case it becomes like any standard FS.

> The 'format' option is useful even on normal flash
> devices. I like that - we should make it
> unconditionally available. The 'deflate' option is
> also nice. I'll merge those two on Monday.

ok, thanks.

> Where did the 'parse_options' code come from? If
> it's from another Linux filesystem I'm going to need
> to rewrite it - JFFS2 is dual licensed, and 
> that unfortunately means I can't import GPL'd code.

don't worry about that, I wrote it myself from
because I don't like other parsers which use strtok
or other things. I give it for free ; you can use it
where you want as long as you don't prevent me from
using it ;-)


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