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Re: [PATCH] Block Devices support for JFFS2

> The mtdcore code is tiny. 
>    text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
>    2259	     36	     96	   2391	    957	mtdcore.o

wow ! quite impressive in fact.

> Making it appear to mount like any standard FS is
> useful - either by having a special case to set up
> the blkmtd driver, or by doing it in mount(8) like
> we do for the loopback block device. I'd rather not
> have the whole of the necessary emulation code in
> JFFS2 itself though.

I understand this. In my case, this was not really
"emulation", but rather "redirection", in the sense
that it's the code which would have been in another
FS driver, but it's accessed through the c->mtd
structure instead of a direct access. That's why it's
really light too. Note that I don't have anything
against blkdev, I've never tested it and it may be
more robust and tested than what I have done. I simply
speak of ease of use. Perhaps all the code to set it
up automatically will be bigger :-/ I didn't choose
this approach because I found it complicated to setup
at boot time for example.


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