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Re: [PATCH] Block Devices support for JFFS2

At 07:50 AM 8/21/2001 +0200, willy tarreau wrote:
>  >  From experience, I can state that these "IDE"
> > devices (I have tested 2 different manufactures of
>CF and
> > 3 different models of 1 major IDE flash disk
> > manufacturer) are NOT reliable under power fail
> > conditions- if the system is writing to them.
>I totally agree with you, same experience here.

I won't say that I'm happy that you had the same (poor performance) 
experience as mine, but at least the experience was consistent :)

>Indeed, my
>firewall's CompactFlash is a 16 MB I had to partition
>hardware errors due to poor power supply. The power
>has been cut, and the only power that reached the
>was drawn through the IDE signals (which was enough
>for reads, but unfortunately not for writes). And
>after that,
>the device returns "CRC error", "sector not found",
>and such
>standard hard disks errors which are absolutely
>unrecoverable (even after attempting to reformat it).

Yup! All those beasts. As a matter of fact, I had better luck with
a "standard" desktop hard drive. Imagine that!

But, of course those suffer from shock and vibration and temp issues- so 
don't know if they are any better to use in a shipping embedded system.

> > If one is really interested in building a reliable
> > that you are going to ship in quantity, I would
> > encourage power fail testing on these devices.
>in fact, it would be good if the IDE "low level
>command was completely implemented so that it sets the
>device back in factory configuration.

That would be nice. At least it would let me recover my 32MB CF disk so 
that I can use it in my digital camera again :)

I'm not quite sure that this will help build a reliable system- even with 
JFFS2 on it. JFFS2, AFAIK is built with the assumption that the underlying 
flash layer does not loose "blocks" (in the IDE case- 512 bytes worth) of 
data on its own accord. JFFS2 will break in this situation (where we had to 
low level format the IDE sector to recover it).


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