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Re: mkfs.jffs2

On 22 Aug 2001 21:00:43 +0000, Ashok M Padmanaban wrote:
> Hi,
>   The mkfs.jffs2 has some options,  in which  -e option specifies the
> erase block size, which  by default is 64KiB.
> While making a jffs2 image of a directory (which has some files) of size
> 3848192 Bytes.
>  ./mkfs.jffs2   -d directory   -o jffs2_img  -e  128KiB
> With default option for erase block size ( 64KiB), the jffs2 image size
> was :   1983612 Bytes. ( 1.89 MB)
>  With   -e 128KiB
> , the jffs2 image size was :    7687900 Bytes  (7.33 MB)
>   With   -e  256KiB
> , the jffs2 image size was :    4289164 Bytes   (4.09 MB)
> Why is that the jffs2 image size is varying with the erase block size.?
>  If i have an erase size of 256KiB(on flash), is it necessary that i
> should build a jffs2 image with the -e 256KiB option.

try -e 0x20000 or -e 0x10000

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