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Re: waste space with jffs2 ?

Tim@xxxxxxx.org said:
> JFFS2 (and JFFS) keep some amount (lets say N) of free erase blocks
> for system space to handle the Wear Leveling (WL) and Garbage
> Collection (GC). This should amount to like 5 erase blocks, but might
> be set higher at present. 

>  Now perhaps David would like to comment on current and expected
> future size of N ?

Current size is 5 erase blocks.

There is no fundamental reason why it couldn't go down to one block, if you
promise never to find any bad blocks or to waste space by pulling the plug
while it's writing a node. Two blocks is what I'm aiming for, to allow for
either of those occurrences.

Actual expected future size over time is a complicated function of many
variables, depending as it does on the tuple of { free time, capability,
annoyance with the current situation } for myself and each person out there
who has CVS access or can drive 'cvs diff -u | mail dwmw2'.


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