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How to mount jffs in write mode for kernel 2.4.7


I am trying to Port Embedded Konqueror browser on Assabet + neponset board.

When I was using kernel version 2.4.3, I was able to mount flash partion in 
write mode. Also I was able to run browser application from flash but not 
able to load any simple html page. Also there was error in detecting key 
baord and mouse event (i.e. I was pressing enter key twice on command prompt 
to start browser application).

But when I have change kernel version 2.4.7,hten I have following problem
1. I ahve created 4Mb ramsdisk & mount flash partition ( read only). New 
mounted read only partition contain QT & konqueror application. When I have 
tried to run konqueror application it gives following error message.
"./konqueror: error in loading shared libraries: /qt-2.3.0/lib/libqte.so.2: 
unsupported version 0 of verneed record"

How to solve error " ... verneed record"?

2. When I have tried to mount with command  "mount -t jffs2 -w /dev/mtd5 
/mnt" if gives following message.
"mount: blockd device /dev/mtd5 is write-protected mounting read-only"
"mount: blockd device /dev/mtd5 is not permited on its filesystem"

How to mount jffs in write mode?



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