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I've been trying to get JFFS up and running on my system and I'm not
sure if I have what I need. I have written an MTD driver for my (custom)
flash hardware interface and I've compiled and installed the driver into
my kernel. I ceate the JFFS and I can write and then read back from it.
However if I unmount my FS and then mount it back again I see that some
of the files have either disappeared or been truncated to 0 length.

I, ofcourse, would never rule out that this is a problem w/ my own
driver. On the other hand I want to be sure that I am using the proper
JFFS and MTD software for my kerel and I have it configured properly.

I am using a PowerPC 2.4.2 kernel (we will upgrade to 2.4.4 soon). I 
downloaded the mtd-snapshot-20010910.tar tarball. Finally I configured
my kernel build as follows (.config):

# Memory Technology Devices (MTD)

pretty much everything else is plain vinilla

So, here are my questions.
- Is this an OK configuration?
- What is the currently "blessed" version that you would recommend
   for the kernel version that I'm using?
- Has any of this been tested on the PowerPC?
- Is there something stupid that you can see that I'm doing?

- From reading the JFFS how-to / FAQ, It wasn't clear if one should
   count on the stability of JFFS2 or should I stick with the JFFS1?
   This is all for a very high reliability networking switch so I want
   to make sure its really solid...

Thanks for your help :]


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