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navekrish@xxxxxxx.net said:
>        I am planning to port the JFFS latest version on eCos. I have =
> following queries regarding JFFS latest version

JFFS is GPL'd, and to port it to eCos you first have to rewrite it from
scratch with a compatible licence. We already did that, and JFFS2 is
licence-compatible with eCos.

>     *    What would be size of the Object file of jffs ?

Probably fairly similar to the Linux code - much of it should be reusable.
exactly as it is. (That was the design theory, anyway - I got a little 
lazy/hurried and introduced quite a few Linux'isms when actually writing the
code, but there shouldn't be any _fundamental_ problems.)

>     *     How much dependent is jffs on the kernel in general ?

JFFS2 requires an external inode cache; it's also tied fairly closely into 
the Linux readpage/prepare_write/commit_page bits but that's fairly simple 
to work around. The garbage-collection uses readpage() but probably 
shouldn't be doing that even under Linux, for other reasons.

It's also designed to work with the Linux VFS, but that shouldn't be too 
problematic because it's broadly similar to the eCos one.

>     *    Where can i download the latest jffs version and and the =
> corresponding rpm as well ? 

No RPM, the source is available from CVS:

	cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxx.org:/home/cvs login
		(password: anoncvs)
	cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxx.org:/home/cvs co mtd
	cd fs/jffs2

Other people have been talking about porting JFFS2 to eCos too - make sure 
you catch up with them to avoid duplicated effort - ask on the 
ecos-discuss mailing list <ecos-discuss@xxxxxxx.

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