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Axis' JFFS


I have a question regarding the original JFFS version.
I believe that this version was implemented in compliance 
with Linux 2.0.x VFS. The latest release of this original 
JFFS ( in http://developer.axis.com/download/elinux/ ) was 
on oct 27, 2000.
-> Does this version incorporate the fixes done to  JFFS 
comming with the 2.2 and 2.3 Linux series ( especialy regarding 
how many powerfails can be endured without problems )?

-> To what extent has JFFS for Linux 2.0.x been tested ? 

-> Is there a more recent version of JFFS for Linux 2.0.x ? 

-> what is exactly the fliping bits problem encountered with JFFS?

Thanks for your time,

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