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Using jffs2 with ATA Flash

Hi All,

I'm currently working on building a network appliance around commodity 
hardware, with ATA flash as my starage. It needs to be able to handle being
shutoff improperly, so I have a need for a journaling filesystem. I'd like
to use jffs2 for this, as reiserfs has a mimimum size of 8mb and ext3 is
still experimental. My only probelm here is that jffs2 requires an mtd
device, and the flash uses the standard ide drivers. Does anyone know if
there's an mtd driver for standard ide devices, or a way to use jffs2 on
standard block devices? (via a patch, maybe? Although I suspect the design 
may make that difficult) 

Alternatively, I'm open to a better suggestion if anyone has one. :)

Thanks in advance.

Zach White <zwhite@xxxxxxx. 115
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