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Re: Using jffs2 with ATA Flash

zwhite@xxxxxxx.com said:
>  I'm currently working on building a network appliance around
> commodity  hardware, with ATA flash as my starage. It needs to be able
> to handle being shutoff improperly, so I have a need for a journaling
> filesystem. 

You shouldn't assume that ATA flash devices are going to handle being shut 
off improperly, regardless of the file system you put on them. See
http://www.embeddedlinuxworks.com/articles/jffs_guide.html and make sure 
you do some testing of your own on the devices you're intending to use.

> size of 8mb and ext3 is still experimental.

ext3 isn't very experimental. But it isn't a particularly efficient use of 
flash either. 

> My only probelm here is that jffs2 requires an mtd device, and the 
> flash uses the standard ide drivers. Does anyone know if there's an 
> mtd driver for standard ide devices, or a way to use jffs2 on standard 
> block devices? (via a patch, maybe? Although I suspect the design 
> may make that difficult) 

Look at the blkmtd driver in 2.4.12 - actually there's an update to that in 
MTD CVS now. 


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