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RE: Axis' JFFS

> Briefly: I encountered a problem during power fail testing 
> where a bit(s) 
> would flip between "1" & "0" if you read it (them) multiple times.
> I've hypothesized that this occurs when power fails during an 
> erase. Just 
> enough charge remains trapped in the floating gate to cause the sense 
> (read) amplifier for that bit to flip between a "1" &  "0". 
> This problem is 
> fixed by re-erasing the entire sector which ensures that this 
> intermediate 
> amount of charge is filled up completely (or drained whichever is the 
> erased state).

Silly question: could this have anything to do with the toggle bit (D6 on AMD
compatibles)? Maybe it's stuck in "toggle mode" after power up (wild guess)?


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