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Re: Using jffs2 with ATA Flash

>   Zach White wrote:
>  Hi All,
>  I'm currently working on building a network appliance around commodity 
>  hardware, with ATA flash as my starage. It needs to be able to handle being
>  shutoff improperly, so I have a need for a journaling filesystem. I'd like
>  to use jffs2 for this, as reiserfs has a mimimum size of 8mb and ext3 is
>  still experimental. My only probelm here is that jffs2 requires an mtd
>  device, and the flash uses the standard ide drivers. Does anyone know if
>  there's an mtd driver for standard ide devices, or a way to use jffs2 on
>  standard block devices? (via a patch, maybe? Although I suspect the design 
>  may make that difficult) 
>  Alternatively, I'm open to a better suggestion if anyone has one. :)
 Depending on the power of your appliance, and some modern ICs like the ETRAX 100LX
 have a truly miserly requirement, have you considered using a low ESR Super Capacitor
 to provide enough power for an orderly shutdown when the primary power fails.
 2.5V 10F capacitors are readily available. Used with a step up switching regulator you
 have a low cost uninterruptible supply. At least for a few 10s of seconds.
 Clive Simmens.  

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