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Re: JFFS is not broken (Was: JFFS broken?)

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:
> >  We're checking benchmarks on our system now to figure out if we can
> > simply skip the caching totally.
> Cool. When are you doing flushes? My original hack was flushing the whole 
> flash range whenever any word was written - you might get better cache 
> utilisation if you're a bit more selective about what you flush.
> You could probably get away with making a word write invalidate
> only the erase block it went to, not the whole range, couldn't you?

We can't read the cache tags anyway. The way we flush the relevant
cacheline is simply to read from another address which we know will map to
that cacheline (since our cache is direct-mapped this works..).

So we'd just do a dummy read after every flash write to flush an eventual 
cacheline containing stuff that was written, and flush the entire cache
after each erase has completed.


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