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RE: JFFS is not broken (Was: JFFS broken?)

> jonas.holmberg@xxxxxxx.com said:
> >  Yes, but the flash chips are slow so it doesn't help. The CPU has to
> > wait for every word to be read into the cache. 
> Just to check we're talking about the same thing here - are you really 
> doing synchronous burst reads, or just filling a cache line with normal 
> async reads from the flash?
> I don't expect much performance gain unless you do the former. 

My strata flash(28F128J3A) only supports async page mode(burst read, 1  cache line)reads.
I think that shold work too. Now I wonder, how is a data bust read initiated?
Will simple memcpy_fromio() do it?

Something else: There are alot of memory barrier, mb() calls in my map file. Do
I really need them on uncached memory? If yes, would a mbw() be better?


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