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Flash Partitons

 It will be very usefull if some one can give their  comments.

We are developing an embeded device (email device ) and planning to have

CRAMFS for the root file system and JFFS2 for the user data.

If CRAMFS is root fs, then i cant have  system and user configuration
files under this as they are updated according to requirement.

One way is to have links to Jffs2 partition so that we  can update these
Or To have a separate partition (jffs2) for configuration files, which
consumes a lot of
flash space (as 5 sectors are reserved for GC).

I feel first one is the better choice as we are very tight on FLASH
But having the config files and user data in the same partition
.......will it be safe?
Like while manipulating the user data, is there any chance that config
files may be corrupted...while GC. is running and the power goes

Is there any other way of doing this.

Thanks in advance

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