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jffs2 ls hangs

hi all,
 I am not able to make out what is going  wrong
Till date i did not have this problem
Iam using
linux 2.4.8 , with following patches
 patch -2.4.8-ac12
 patch -2.4.8-ac12-rmk1
 diff -2.4.8-ac12-rmk1-np2

Iam doing an erase on the mtd, then dd a jffs2 image on to it,
then mount it, it says
Jffs2: No clean_or_dirty blocks to GC from! where are they all?
jffs2 :Couln't find erase block to garbage collect?

which happens if there are very few no. of files in the partition.

Iam able to succesfully mount the partition and create small files and
do ls to
display them
but when i copy a big file say (1MB file) to the 13 MB partition and do
an ls it hangs.

But last week i was actually downloading 7MB files and was able to
succesfully able to do an ls.
I dont know what went wrong.

Thanks in advance


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