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Re: jffs2 ls hangs

hi ashok,
    even i have faced the same problem i use 2.4.1
    when i copy small files its okay but for large
files its gives message as freeing accounting screwed
as same what u are getting if find any solution let me

 --- Ashok M Padmanaban <ashokmp@xxxxxxx.com> wrote: >
hi all,
>  I am not able to make out what is going  wrong
> Till date i did not have this problem
> Iam using
> linux 2.4.8 , with following patches
>  patch -2.4.8-ac12
>  patch -2.4.8-ac12-rmk1
>  diff -2.4.8-ac12-rmk1-np2
> Iam doing an erase on the mtd, then dd a jffs2 image
> on to it,
> then mount it, it says
> Jffs2: No clean_or_dirty blocks to GC from! where
> are they all?
> jffs2 :Couln't find erase block to garbage collect?
> which happens if there are very few no. of files in
> the partition.
> Iam able to succesfully mount the partition and
> create small files and
> do ls to
> display them
> but when i copy a big file say (1MB file) to the 13
> MB partition and do
> an ls it hangs.
> But last week i was actually downloading 7MB files
> and was able to
> succesfully able to do an ls.
> I dont know what went wrong.
> Thanks in advance
> regards
> ashok
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