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Re: JFFS1/MTD bug-fixes

asanochkin@xxxxxxx.COM said:
>  1) To be consistent with cfi_cmdset_002.c which always initializes
>     eraseregions.
>  2) We have also modified JFFS1 code so as it now works for flash
>     partitions with non-uniform sectors, and our code is based on
>     the assumption that eraseregions are always initialized. 

If possible, I would prefer to keep the individual listing of erase regions
optional for the common case where it's not necessary - how difficult would
it be to make the JFFS1 code deal with that?

>  We have also added a possibility for run-time partitioning of an MTD
> device, and use this usage_counter to prevent deleting of a partition
> while it is being used by some process.

In that context, I agree that it makes sense. Have you seen Jörn Engel's
rewrite of the partitioning code, which I was intending to look at merging
in 2.5? It would be useful to make that does what you require before we
merge it.


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