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Re: Couldn't restrict write permission

joost wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a problem with logging in on the devboard_lx with a modem. I think it
> might be because of the jffs filesystem. When logging in on the serial port
> ttyS0, the login program has to change the write permission but can't. I a
> logfile I get the message:
> Couldn't restrict write permissions to /dev/ttyS0: Read-only file system
> Does anyone know what I have to do? Is there maybe a page where I can find
> more information about the jffs filesystem, how it works?

This got nothing to do with jffs. /dev is located in romfs and
therefore is readonly, and when pppd tries to set write permissions to
ttyS0 (which it already has) is complains.

The warning doesn't affect the operation of pppd and you don't have
to worry about it. I have removed it a couple of times, but it keeps
comming back...


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