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Hi all , 

The Atmel EB63 port of uclinux 2.0.38 with ATMEL flash
also gave same problem..
Then I tried to use amd-flash with small modification

here is the code that I add..

static inline void send_write( struct map_info *map,
unsigned long base, unsigned long addr , unsigned
short val)
        int i;
        volatile unsigned short *ptr;

        unsigned long *p_out;
        p_out = (unsigned long*) 0x40;
        p_out[1]=(addr >> 1);

        ptr= (unsigned short*) 0x1000000;
        ptr[0x5555] = 0xaa;
        ptr[0x2AAA] = 0x55;
        ptr[0x5555] = 0xa0;
        ptr[(addr >> 1)]=val;
        i = 0;
        while (i !=2)
                if(ptr[(addr >> 1)] != val)
instead of the original one..

I know this is not a proper way  but It works 70% of
my mount, umount..

Pls body give some info how to incorporate this in
proper way ..


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