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Re: CLEANMARKER question

Joakim.Tjernlund@xxxxxxx.se said:
> I have seen alot of posts about it but I have no idea on how to
> proceed with this.

The basic idea is to make it nice and quick for the FS code to reproduce 
its internal data (the jffs2_raw_node_ref lists and clean/dirty sizes) on 
mount without having to work it all out from scratch. Look at what the 
mount code does, and see how much could be avoided - then work out 
precisely what needs to go into the checkpoint - it'll probably end up 
being a tradeoff between remount speed and the size taken by the checkpoint 

I wonder if we could get away with writing a node at the _end_ of each
eraseblock, just listing the start addresses of the nodes contained within
that block?

> Would checkpointing  still speed up mount when power is cut and then
> restored? 

If you write a checkpoint only on a clean unmount, then no.
If you do it periodically during normal operation. then yes.


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