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JFFS2 endianness.

I think that having JFFS2 host-endian was a mistake, and is going to hurt
when we start working on removable media.

I'm planning to retroactively define it to be little-endian, thereby
breaking all current users of it on BE boxen. 

I will provide a compile-time option to not byteswap, though. Not a 
configuration option - you'll have to edit a header file. But that should 
be enough.

If you object, now would be a good time to attempt to dissuade me :)

The link to the host's PAGE_SIZE is also going away. I'll do that more 
gently though - I'll stop the code from breaking if it encounters nodes 
which cross page boundaries, then leave it for a _long_ time before we 
actually start to _write_ them like that.


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