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Re: JFFS2 endianness.

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Tim Riker wrote:

> ugh. The amount of folk with removable jffs2 media at present is trivial
> compared to the amount that will have it.
> Can we pick the right design and not break it cause a few people will
> have to change?
> I suggested this when the last jffs2 incompatible change happened. I
> wish I had just taken the time to create a patch then.
> Here's one vote for a small clean BE-only implementation.

The fact is there is much more LE devices out there at the moment using
already using JFFS2 obviously in LE mode.  Making JFFS2 BE would invalidate
all the testing that went into those devices. And, it would be realy silly
to make the endianness be different just because the media is removable.  
When you look at the filesystem image is has to be coherent - the media is
irelevant.  Therefore it's the BE world that has to switch IMHO.


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