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Re: jffs2 cpu usage

LANCE_N@xxxxxxx.COM said:
>  I believe that a JFFS2 with a good native NAND flash driver would be
> a major boost to embedded linux systems.  It gets around some of the
> performance issues inherant in this type of file system while
> dramatically lowering cost per byte. 

We're getting there. We have NAND flash drivers, we have software ECC 
support, we even have support for the hardware ECC on the DiskOnChip.

The hardest parts of making JFFS2 support NAND flash were done right at the 
start, because they affected the fundamental design choices. We're not far 
off having it working - see my ramblings of about a week ago for what I 
believe still needs to be done.

The reason it isn't actually _working_ yet is because I haven't found enough
spare time to do it, nobody's paid my employer to _make_ me do it, and my
attempts to encourage the world at large to do it themselves have so far
been fruitless :)


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