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DOC formatting/BIOS recognition problems

Dear sir,
       I tried to format a DOC (DIskOnChip 2000)using the firmware version 5.04(doc504.exb)and i got this result.

 1. I formatted the DOC using the firmware version504

   dformat /win:d000 /s:doc504.exb /y


   2041 of 2041
   statuscode is 26(flUnknownMedia)received from
   Format failed

  once this is done the dinfo returns

    No driver found.Trying with direct access

  and the software version is quoted to be

    Software version  : 255.255

Next I tried dformat /win:c800 /s:! 
This time it says
formatting 2048 of 2048 
statuscode is 26(flUnknownMedia)received from
   Format failed.

  2 . i tried formatting the same DOC with doc121.exb

and this time it got formatted well.and my Dinfo said the 
       Software version : 1.21

  * But , my BIOS is not recognizing the DOC.Why is this ?
I have a formatted DOC(1.21) and why does not my bios recognize it?

  * If , iam able to format the DOC with 1.21 then why am i not able to format it with 5.04 ?

Can you give suggestions ,please .
Thanks a lot.
regards , maha


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