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Re: JFFS2 on NAND flash

gleixner@xxxxxxx.de said:
>  You talk about ten nodes. The Toshiba datasheet says, the maximum is
> 3  consecutive writes to a page before erase. The Samsung datasheet
> talks about  2. jffs1 does up to 10 and jffs2 up to 12 consecutive
> writes on a page. I saw  these maximums on a 30 min test, where i was
> copying files to jffs1 and jffs2  and removing them afterwards. So
> both exceed the datasheet maximum.

It varies. The first NAND flash datasheets I looked at said ten. Or it 
might be the errata sheet for the Toshiba chips which says that.

But it doesn't matter. We want to batch writes and only do one write per
page, with page-based ECC. See my ramblings of last week on how we can do 
this. There's also a half-arsed attempt at implementing it in CVS, on the 
jffs2-nand-branch. Don't bother looking at it unless you're prepared to 
hack on it though. It doesn't have a whelk's chance in a supernova of 
actually working - I just thought it might help to illustrate what I meant.


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