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Re: NAND flash and JFFS(2)

On Tuesday, 12. February 2002 00:42, Steve_Chen@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
> 1. What does "page data valid flag" mean ?  How do you use it ?
This flag is programmed to 0, if a complete page is written and tells the 
ECC, that the data can be read with ECC.  
> 2. If jffs2 detects a bad block, does it set a flag in one of the bytes in
> oob ?  I suppose we don't want to use byte 05 (bad block status) which was
> set by the chip manufacturer.
Not yet, but we are going to implement this. We definitly will use byte 5. We 
detect the bad blocks marked by the manufacturer, which we never touch again, 
and mark detected bad blocks at the same place.

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