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Re: NAND flash and JFFS(2)

On Wednesday, 13. February 2002 21:03, Lance Nakamura wrote:
> 2 things:
> 1) can the test be set to remove power more frequently,
>    as in every minute rather than every hour?  our experience with
>    power fail safety is that you have to run at least 100K cycles,
> 2) an important test is to remove power while the file
>    system is trying to recover.  in the real world, power failures
>    are rarely clean, isolated instances.  you may get multiple failures in
>    as little as 1 second (failures a few hundred miliseconds apart).
You're right, but this was a test for a big hack inside the fs.
The power on/off was just a little addon. If we have finished some left 
issues i will setup a real power fail safety test.

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